Spring at the Station

The Friends of Eccles Station really put in the effort to make the station look nice. There are raised beds around the car park and lots of colour dotted along the platforms.

Everything looked particularly bright and colourful this morning. Here’s a few quick snaps before I boarded my train.

Monday Walk

I have walked into Eccles from home a lot in the last 10 months. These enhanced shots are from today, taken en route.

Until we are allowed to travel a bit further afield there will probably be more photos from this well trodden path.

To Begin

This blog will mostly be things I’ve snapped with my phone. Some may be tweaked, some not. Most of them will be posted as and when they are taken but, to begin with, here’s a couple from a walk last week.

Crocuses in Eccles

Daffodils in Eccles